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T O P I C    R E V I E W
volkerc Posted - 12/23/2016 : 2:56:00 PM
Ok, das Projekt ist nicht neu sondern auch ein verschwundenes POTF2.com Topic. Dies war das Build Topic des ESB Boba Fett Kostuems/Replica. Vielleicht zu schade um es verschwunden zu lassen. Vielleicht nicht. Das entscheidet der Leser. Versuche auch dies nach und nach wieder zu beleben. Allerdings schreibe ich hier nun in der Vergangenheit. Das Urtopic war ein sich nach und nach entwickelndes Topic, aber da das Kostuem/Replik mehr oder weniger fertig ist (ein Fett wird nie so ganz fertig, da immer noch was neues entdeckt werden kann)halt nun geschrieben in der Vergangenheit. Das verschwundene Topic endete mit dem fertigen Produkt, hier nun beginne ich mit dem fertigen Produkt und erzaehle den Aufbau, rekonstruiert aus den damaligen Infos.
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titusillu Posted - 01/18/2019 : 2:34:38 PM
Dein Boba Fett Kostüm ist einfach nur beeindruckend, Volker! Danke dass Du den Bericht wiederbelebt hast ;-)
volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 3:51:47 PM
So that pretty much sums it up for now. The topic is shorter than the original lost topic as some trial and error pieces didn't have to go into this topic. The build info consists of the essential info needed to do a Fett build. It doesn't claim to be the ultimate topic with all info Fett, but given at the time of the build some years ago, it had all the essential info. As time went by more info surfaced about more found parts. So if interested do a research on sites like the TDH or RPF
to inform you more in case you are into this.

I had some fun building my Fett as well as lots of grief which I don't want to go into detail about now.

One highlight though was entering the costume at Celebration Europe in Essen in their costume contest years ago making first place in the section for that particular costume, the only time I ever entered it in a contest and the second time I wore it. The judges, Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Leland Chee (Keeper of the Holocron at Lucasfilm), and Randy Stradley (Dark Horse Comics)

Edit: Created a short video from found footage.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 2:53:09 PM
Now to the holy grail. So far so good, over time I was able and lucky enough to find some of the sought after parts to complete an ESB Boba Fett costume with lots of found parts and some of the best parts available from some of the best propmakers. However, having come this far one essential piece was missing. Correct, you guessed it, Fetts trademark his Blaster! Well mostly everybody would settle for a resin copy or whatever they can find. At this stage having come so far I needed to find the real deal. And the real deal was a original 1916 Webley Flare gun! Crazy? You're right. That idea was totally nuts but somehow it had to be achieved. Now with the laws surrounding carrying a real "gun", a flare gun is not really a gun i thought, the whole deal had to be fully legal and in compliance with the law. Which means in order to be legal a real gun would had to be fully deactivated and checked by authorities with the legal paperwork. Nuts? Not possible? Well so I thought as well. But guess again. Mission accomplished. Not even was it very difficult to first of all find the real deal, but then to jump through the hoops and get it legal. I searched the net high and low for months when all of a sudden the real deal popped up.

Holy cow, there it was in all it's beauty. A real Webley and in beat up condition perfect for the costume/replica. Now all that needed to be done was buy it,...yeah right. It took weeks of convincing that I was serious in buying and getting it deactivated. Now for those collectors that wanted something like this untouched it's blasphemy. To me, the necessary evil not to run into legal issues. So long story short, the thing got welded shut, and every piece of it worked to a point that it is never possible to get the intended use out of it anymore. It's now a heavy piece of metal fully legal for my purpose including the necessary official documents. So the nearly impossible thing was achieved. Couldn't believe it when i finally had it in my hands. Not only does the costume now consist of a copy of a real helmet that started it all, the real speargun, amongst other hard to find original parts, no, also the holy grail that every Fett collector is after. The guys overseas have it much simpler getting their hands on one than we do that's for sure. So now the modifications were ready to start.

I had to get a leather sling for it as used on the ESB blaster. One end was knotted to the rings, so I copied the knot. What I didn't want was a brand new leather sling as it wouldn't blend in with the age and used look of the webley. So i once again searched high and low on the net to find a 50+ year old sling used on old weapons, another real deal old beat up piece. This one came out of the U.K. with the help of a friend, and when it arrived the odor was terrible, had to spent some time outdoors to pick up a better smell.

The wooden stock needed some greeblies to add on. I found some of the original greeblies used. The am/fm plugs from the U.K. Two of them go on the right side of the stock and only one goes on the left side. Some think that both sides get two of them, but only the right side comes with two.

As far as the other parts go on the blaster. The scope is a 4x20 Webley scope, matching the manufacturer of the Flare gun. It is claimed that a 4x20 A.S.I. scope was used on the screen used blaster. However, in the days they didn't have many different manufacturers making those scopes. So one manufacturer would make them and then brand them for different companies like Webley, A.S.I., Sussex and so on. So look, style and features are correct, the stamped name maybe not, but I like that it says Webley on it. The clamps to hold the scope were made by myself, copying the style and look found on images of the movie and from stills. The center stock greeblie, the square part is not yet identified so it's a copy from a prop maker. The V8 model kit part found on the side of the barrel is a found part again.
The molex connectors are found parts as well.

And because craziness just wouldn't stop at this point yet, I went a step further and installed a red laser pointer inside the barrel which could be activated via a push button from the trigger. Keep in mind the trigger won't move, so all it takes is a little pressure to light up the barrel. And because I don't like to have someone complain at all, a lens was installed to diffuse the light so that it wouldn't be concentrated anymore. That way I got a nice bright red light but nobody would be hurt accidentally looking into the light. It was a weak laser to begin with.

As far as the tube is concerned at the end of the barrel, I had used a Heiland flash tube in the images above, but later on I found an MPP flash tube which is the correct found part for the blaster. Darth Vaders lightsaber was also made from an MPP flash tube. So the Heiland got replaced with the real deal.

For the final touch I had once again Jeremy Bulloch sign a piece of the costume. Here the piece of the blaster that would it still be functional push out the bullet shell once the gun opens up. This piece slides in and out upon opening and closing. So as a little gimmick once the gun opens up Jeremy Bullochs signature becomes visible.

Edit January 2019: Boba Fett Fans never sleep thriving to find parts
used for the costume in the movies. After quite some years of
searching a member of the TDH came through and found the missing
center greeblie for the wooden stock. Turns out it was a used
failsafe switch. The good news, the item is still produced and used
for new switches so it was fairly easy to obtain. Once they arrived
I had to drill to remove the top cover, remove all the contacts
inside, cause only the housing was used. You can see in the pics
that the fan made part was already close to original, but nothing
beats the original.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 10:50:33 AM
Gauntlets. The gauntlets came again from Man of War studios. Same as the ones used on Jeremy Bullochs costume. Top part is resin, lower parts vacuumformed plastics, as the originals. Chosen cause they are very accurate. A lot of work went into them. From the layered paintjob to all the add ons. The 4 darts came once again from Mitchell turntables, those are found parts, all 4 of them, rocket was mentioned earlier, the correct two switches, also found parts were added later in the build, the flame thrower cast part was replaced by a self made construction out of aluminum, steel and plastic parts, with the piping I found in pics. The right gauntlet received 2 led's which turned out later were incorrect, as the real costume just used dummies in form of dentist files. Those were located later and are also in my collection of found parts. For the right gauntlet there was also a flashlight used, which still need to be added to my gauntlet. The same goes for a dentist screw for the left gauntlet.
The buttons on the left gauntlet are found parts, functional and came of the Casio Mq-1 calculator.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 10:28:15 AM
Balaclava. Even though that piece won't get noticed under the helmet I also tried to be accurate here. Bought one that looked similar to the original and modified it with an inner liner, extended it to go under the flak vest to get the proper look out of it.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 10:09:02 AM
Jetpack. The jetpack came from another member of the TDH, Man of war studios. I was able to get on the run for the same jetpack Jeremy Bulloch got for his costume. Another top notch piece from MOW.
Received a layered paint job as well. The proper aluminum pieces on the back were added. The small piece comes from a mitchell turntable. Shown in the small pic is the one with the thicker base, which was used for the Prototype Uzi Blaster. The small base, mounted on the jetpack is the correct found item. The longer aluminum piece is a machined item and it is lighted. Later on the aluminum pieces for the side thrusters were also added.

There is still an upgrade pending. The rocket needs to be replaced with a machined aluminum one. The rocket comes with 3 blades that open up, the MOW jetpack has 4 blade dummies and they are fixed, just molded. I want it functional. Have the plans, need a machinist.

The harness for the jetpack was crafted by myself. The system was copied from images found on the web. The steel piece on the back was welded by myself again, trying to copy the original. The original is to be believed coming from a firefighter part or scuba part. That's the area of the costum where the U.S. divers belt buckle is used for. System comes with easy adjustable straps that can be adjusted by myself without taking off half of the costume. Quite comfy. The harness is covered by the flakvest.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 09:05:00 AM
The sidearm. The real sidearm used was still a mistery, but it was discovered that the sidearm used was a Technisub Pulce 40 speargun.
So I searched the web and found a few of them. There is also a Pulce 60 which has a longer barrel. The 40 comes with a silver barrel or a black/dark green barrel. Because Fett never pulled the sidearm we don't know what the color of the barrel is. There is a possibility it is silver, or black, or 3rd option, Lfl gave it a total different color than one of the original barrels. None of the toys to date copied the correct sidearm yet. They all use an old Kotobukiya style pistol in brown and silver, where only the brown color is correct, not the handle or the rest. I decided to only paint the handle in the correct color and I use the black barrel on mine, but can also switch to silver if need be.

And because the real deal was so hard to find and prices became ridicolous a propmaker in the U.K. Mojofett asked me to do a run of copies of my Pulce to make them affordable for other cos players. So decided to ship my original so he could make copies out of resin and aluminum. These came out top notch and the run certainly helped others to get a better Fett costume.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 08:47:51 AM
Gloves. Fetts costume gloves were made of parade gloves for the original. So I bought some parade gloves, dyed them and sew the cloth pieces on them.

Shin Tools. Some of the shin tools were made of Paterson photo equipment. The stirrer was used for the "knife". The Paterson Squeegee was another tool. Leftovers of the Squeegee were used for tool number 3, as well as parts of a turntable. Not having found the turntable parts yet i used ratched extensions with the same look. The Paterson pieces are found parts, originals. The 4th shintool is still a mystery. Some say it could be amicrophone, some say a photo equipment piece.

Holster. The ESB Fett uses a Holster for his sidearm. The holster used on the costume came from a Nemrod Clipper speargun. I was able to locate a complete set, holster, speargun and knife, so the holster another found part was used for the costume. Some manufacture replica holsters. I prefer the real deal. The same holster was also used for the Bespin Guards.
volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 05:28:02 AM
Moving on with easier stuff. I ordered a leather ammo belt from 99centtaco who is well known for his leather work. I asked him however to dye the leather in a certain color which I thought matches the ESB color the best. After a few tries we were both satisfied with the outcome. The cloth pouches came again from Bobamaker.

I ordered a few horse girth belts, picked the best one and dyed it to match the ESB color of the costume.

Boots were used from CA Boots and weathered to look more authentic, toe spikes came from fenixprops, looked the best on those boots.

Another found part was used for the costume, a U.S. Diver belt buckle

The missile going on the left gauntlet is a machined piece made by russrep. Can't get much nicer than that.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 05:02:32 AM
So far so good. The upper body part was almost done, but wait, there is more. Boba has the lighted chest plate, all those Led's and numbers on his left chest plate had to go in. Picked no one else but Shackmans lights. he's the one who makes the best. The upper leds are multiple single led's that light up in sections of four at once. Below are the numbers that light up in a special sequence. This again is as close to screen accurate as possible.

volkerc Posted - 12/24/2016 : 04:39:03 AM
So next was a suit made by Bobamaker which I got off the Cargo Hold from the TDH. Bobamaker is one of the great Propmakers when it comes to Fett parts needed for your costume. This one is nicely colored, very durable and it was weathered a bit more by myself.

The Neckseal and the cape came from TK409

The flakvest was again Bobamaker

The Body Armor came from Fettpride another great propmaker who stands for accuracy and great products. This set was one of his revised units which also became part of the costume Jeremy Bulloch now owns.
The Armor received also a layered paint job. Again, all colors are mixed and matched by myself using the same technique as described with the helmet build.

The knee darts came from DeanO, another guarantee for accuracy.

I had Jeremy Bulloch sign on the back of one chest plate. You can also see that I used pushbuttons to mount the chest armor pieces.

The Wookie braids are made of real horsehair in correct ESB color and were made by Julie from the TDH

volkerc Posted - 12/23/2016 : 6:02:33 PM
So I had my helmet, but no cool cabinet. One day I came across a decent priced lifesize store mannaquin, bought it and placed the helmet on it.

Now looking at it everyday like this, another thought shot through my mind, wouldn't it be cool to have a real life size Boba standing there instead of just a helmet on a naked mannaquin? Can't be that difficult?

From that point on it got ugly,...
volkerc Posted - 12/23/2016 : 5:31:53 PM
So now that I had a painted fiberglass bucket I researched what else was needed. And even for just a helmet quite some stuff had to be found and installed. I tried to be as accurate as possible trying to locate the stuff they used on the originals based on the TDH research. Whenever possible I preferred the real stuff instead of just making up something. So in the coming posts you'll see my creation mixed with the real stuff.

The Boba Fett helmet used a rangefinder stalk that was motorized to go up and down, 2 red light up LED's in the front and a white led in the back to light up the little screen.

I used parts of a modelcar as a receiver and sender to remotely move up and down the stalk. The stalk is made of aluminum. Once the stalk goes down a quicksilver switch activates the LED's. Stalk goes up, Led's turn off.

To spicen up the rangefinder I used a Hasbro freeze frame of Han in carbonite cut it to size and put it behind the camera part which is a found part and came off a Polaroid SX-70 view finder. So when the stalk goes down the Led lights up the image from behind. The original used a freeze frame of a riot type scene.

The movie used helmet used a chin cup of a 70's british police riot helmet.

I was able to locate an original riot helmet in the U.K. to get the screen accurate cup.

As far as the visor is concerned. They used a thin welding helmet visor in dark green, which I also obtained.

I tried to copy the mounting hardware as much as possible. First up the Original

My version

Another found part used was the Borden connector, which is a dental piece, used by dentists. Cut to specs and installed in the right cheek it looks like this:

Behind the vents in the back goes a plate of another found part, the Casio Mq1 calculator.

The inside of the helmet was later signed by Actor Jeremy Bulloch in Duesseldorf
Fox Posted - 12/23/2016 : 5:27:11 PM
Trooper31 Posted - 12/23/2016 : 5:25:36 PM
Geil.......wirklich "a labor of love "

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